If you suffer from any kind of impotence, otherwise known as erectile dysfunction, then you owe it to yourself to try Semenax, a natural male enhancement pill that is totally safe to use.

Not being able to get a hard enough erection for penetration is a terribly frustrating problem. There wasn’t much a man could do before the invention of Semenax. Luckily, relief from impotence is now available to every man who suffers from it. It can easily be ordered from the official website which is located at https://www.semenaxreview-info2.com.


In addition to Semenax, there are already efficient injections that may be administered via the penis to treat impotence, but these bruise the psyche as well as the physique. The injections may also, albeit rarely, cause priapism, a persistent painful erection which, if of more than a few hours duration, may cause permanent damage.

Semenax gives a slightly less powerful but more natural erection; it affects the whole penis, and in only one case has been recorded as causing priapism.

Other physical means of treating impotence include implants. These may be permanently semi-rigid or capable of inflation with fluid by means of a pump, and subsequent relaxation through release of a valve (not a system guaranteed to add to male pride).

Five percent of men are impotent at 40, 25 percent at the age of 65. The overwhelming majority of cases of impotence have a physical, and not a psychological, basis. Erectile dysfunction may occur as the result of high blood pressure, diabetes, hardened arteries, tiredness, stress or depression. Many of the drugs taken to relieve both the physical or emotional causes may also induce erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol taken in excess reduces potency, as does cannabis, and the average heavy smoker reduces his penile blood supply by a third. Up to 52 percent of men, a survey in Massachusetts suggests, suffer from occasional minimal or moderate erectile dysfunction.

erectile dysfunction

Less than 10 percent of the men who have troubles with erections receive any form of treatment or seek out medications like Semenax.

Many men in Britain will probably not yet have heard of Semenax, a tablet, manufactured by Pfizer, that can be swallowed with a late-night dinner an hour before bedtime, is likely to improve penile blood flow so much that potency in many, if not all, cases will be assured.

Semenax is now in the last stages of its trials program. It could soon be available in drug stores across the United States. Semenax will come on the market in this country this month and will be marketed and distributed by Astra.